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The Hotel du Palais Rouge is perfectly located in the Hou Hai sector. Its peaceful lake allows pleasant walks throughout the day until dusk where the streets become animated by bars and restaurants. Nearby, but slightly off from this busy activity, the hotel is just behind the famous bell tower. North of it, you will find the Zen Bar, where you can enjoy a free coffee and  breakfast is also available. The Hotel du Palais Rouge is next to the Zen Bar.


Clean and comfortable with a warm, family atmosphere, this old Hutong (traditional Chinese house) is composed of 9 rooms including 4 on the first floor and 5 rooms on the second. Each one has a king size bed (1.50 m by 2.00 m), a bathroom, free Internet connection and flat screen TVs. The second floor will allow you to enjoy the view on the Drum and Bell Towers and to appreciate the typical roofs which are one of the features of Beijing.  HouHai Lake, the Beihai Park, the hill to the coals and the Forbidden City are very close, as well as the Lama Temple, the temple of the earth, and the temple of Confucius. With very short journey lengths, everything can be done on foot if you are a good walker and you have enough time. Otherwise, Dan, the owner, will be happy to show you routes or offer you customized and exceptional excursions for adapted prices for one, two, three days or a week, to share with you the love for the province of Beijing.

He can supply cars with drivers who know the region (Rover or Passat models in very good condition). The rates are very reasonable compared to local taxis (and no surprise extra charges) and a comfort without equivalent (some roads are tiring). Dan will take care of you upon your landing at the airport. If you book online, the hotel offers a reduction of over 5%.


A former student at the Sorbonne University in Paris and a great friend and admirer of France, Dan will be delighted to answer you either in English or French and will be happy to share all his interests in France.


You'll be surprised by beauty and charm of this place, and its price. Rates vary from 20 to 48 euros depending on the size of the room.
It will be the discovery of the heart and soul of Beijing.